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[rank_math_breadcrumb] A naked cake (or nude cake) is in perfect alignment with a return to minimalism, going back to the basics. Naked cakes quickly became the cakes which everyone fights over, to put a finishing flourish on a wedding. Naked cakes get their name from the fact that there is no icing or frosting on the outside of the cake. Just as...

[rank_math_breadcrumb] A favourite this season, a rustic atmosphere is a showcase for simplicity. The authentic, natural theme par excellence, a rustic décor is perfectly in line with the return to roots sought by many future newlyweds. This ambiance will delight anyone who feels close to nature and who want a wedding with an ecological orientation. Typically occurring outdoors, rustic themed weddings make use...

[rank_math_breadcrumb] A limousine, a classic car, a horse-drawn buggy, a luxury car, a traditional “just married” car and more: you can find the vehicle that bests suits you and that will allow you to daydream as you travel the short distance to the best day of your life. Comfortable and sociable, a limousine has much to offer. These luxury vehicles can accommodate...

[rank_math_breadcrumb] The question of kids always comes up when planning a wedding, and it is better to think ahead, because there are multiple points to be arranged to accommodate these special guests. First, for planning and safety reasons at the reception venue, ask your guests if they want to bring their little angels along with them, and how old each accompanying child...

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