Children and the Big Day

Children and the Big Day

The question of kids always comes up when planning a wedding, and it is better to think ahead, because there are multiple points to be arranged to accommodate these special guests.

First, for planning and safety reasons at the reception venue, ask your guests if they want to bring their little angels along with them, and how old each accompanying child will be on the wedding day.

You should know that some venues do not allow children of certain ages or have a limit on the number of kids in attendance.

Once you have determined the number and ages of your guests’ little ones, you can start to think about activities to set up for them and who will look after them. Parents really appreciate knowing that their little angels are in good hands. That way, your guests of all ages can relax and enjoy the festivities.

There are babysitting companies in the region which specialize in this type of event. You should plan to have one childminder for every three or four children. For babies less than a year old, you should plan for one childminder for every two infants. Conversely, you can go down to one childminder for every six older children.

Make sure the kids will have a dedicated space at the reception venue where they can eat, play and even sleep until their parents are ready to head to bed.  To entertain them, you can opt for bouncy castles, a merry-go-round or a candy buffet, which your older guests are also sure to enjoy.

In terms of safety, if the reception venue has a swimming pool, think about hiring a lifeguard for the party and the brunch the next day, if it will be happening at the same location.

In terms of food, the kids will undoubtedly snack during the cocktail reception, but we also recommend providing a sit-down meal just for them. They usually eat before the adults’ meal is served. For dessert, they will surely be thrilled at a slice of wedding cake, because their sweet tooths are certainly at least as big as any grown-up’s.

For teenage guests, if there are only a few of them, include them with the adults. They will appreciate that recognition rather than looking after the younger kids.

During the day, feel free to involve your youngest guests. For example, kids can lead the wedding procession, carry the rings, hand out confetti or blow bubbles at the end of the ceremony.

Childminders typically offer a variety of activities to keep them busy: colouring, treasure hunts, story time, and more. In the evening, a cartoon will help them wind down before going to sleep.

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