Naked Cakes: Trends in “Realer” Cakes

Naked Cakes: Trends in “Realer” Cakes

A naked cake (or nude cake) is in perfect alignment with a return to minimalism, going back to the basics. Naked cakes quickly became the cakes which everyone fights over, to put a finishing flourish on a wedding.

Naked cakes get their name from the fact that there is no icing or frosting on the outside of the cake. Just as elegant and original as a classic wedding cake, a naked cake is sure to please even the greatest gourmets whilst elevating your buffet when it comes time for dessert.

These cakes were originally popularized in the USA. They are tiered cakes, less copious than a classic wedding cake covered with icing or frosting, but equally exquisite and delicious. These atypical cakes typically come in the form of superimposed layers of sponge cake filled with cream or jam. For the finish, they are often dressed up with fresh seasonal fruit or edible flowers.

These cakes are stripped of a whole slew of embellishments to refocus on the essentials: sponge cake, cream and refined decorations. For the filling, you can opt for buttercream, thick confectioner’s custard or whipped cream with mascarpone, according to your preferences. In terms of decorations, fresh fruit make for an ideal option, counterbalancing the richness of the cream.

A naked cake is ideal for an authentic, natural wedding. In Provence, naked cakes can be garnished with strawberries, apricots or even a lavender flavour. They can also be decorated with a few olive leaves to create a simple yet chic Provençal spirit.

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