Newlyweds’ Arrival

Newlyweds’ Arrival

A limousine, a classic car, a horse-drawn buggy, a luxury car, a traditional “just married” car and more: you can find the vehicle that bests suits you and that will allow you to daydream as you travel the short distance to the best day of your life.

Comfortable and sociable, a limousine has much to offer. These luxury vehicles can accommodate multiple people at once. Think big: you can make your arrival at the ceremony or the reception in a stretch limo. It’s a great way to share the occasion with your loved ones and to create an amazing experience in an extraordinary vehicle.

Classic cars are often enhanced by original decorations in the floral theme of the celebration. A lovely way to pay tribute to your elders or to add a vintage touch to your wedding. These vehicles are available for hire with or without a chauffeur. The advantage of this type of vehicle is that you will have your choice from a wide range of models, colours and styles, depending on the year of the car.  It is ideal for leading the wedding procession away from the ceremony and will leave an impression on your guests’ minds.

These days, a horse-drawn buggy is more unusual but undoubtedly the most majestic mode of transport. Between the beauty of the horses and the sound of their hooves on the ground, you would be hard pressed to find anything more natural or enchanted. A retro transport option, horse-drawn buggies come in different types: convertible, with a roof or awning, drawn by two or four horses, and seating anywhere from two to twelve people. With this choice, elegance and originality are guaranteed.

You are sure to be noticed when you pull up in a luxury car. Make a dream come true on this, the best day of your life: drive up in a Ferrari, Porsche or Rolls-Royce and make more than one guest turn green with envy. You can also this type of car with or without a chauffeur, but be sure to think about insurance when you do.

You can opt for a more archetypal, personalized arrival in a “just married” car. These vehicles are typically decorated by members of the wedding party or other loved ones, sometimes with a humorous caricature of the couple or their interests. According to custom, the “just married” car serves as the tail end of the procession.

Whatever you choose, you cannot think about arriving in a fabulous vehicle without enhancing it with decorations using your wedding theme, colours or flowers. Think about it!

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