Rustic decor

Rustic decor

A favourite this season, a rustic atmosphere is a showcase for simplicity.

The authentic, natural theme par excellence, a rustic décor is perfectly in line with the return to roots sought by many future newlyweds. This ambiance will delight anyone who feels close to nature and who want a wedding with an ecological orientation.

Typically occurring outdoors, rustic themed weddings make use of elements from nature, like bales of straw or hay as seats and wildflowers as centrepieces.

The meal could take place under a “nomad” tent illuminated by paper lanterns and kerosene lamps for gentle, natural lighting.

Wood is also a main feature, adding a raw natural material to the rustic theme. Floral print fabrics lend a touch of elegance and colour to the atmosphere. The table runners can be made of beige linen with lace or satin ribbons in a light colour.

The ambiance of this theme is evocative of nature, rustic chic and elegance. It includes materials like hessian, rope, lace, wood and linen. The colours are light brown, kraft paper brown, white, ecru and ivory.

Floral compositions are the very heart of any rustic décor. For a rustic bouquet, the best choices are simple wildflowers. And don’t hesitate to add ears of wheat, heather or eucalyptus, without worrying about having uniform colours. You can even display your floral compositions in tin watering cans or buckets for even more character.

For your centrepieces, you can spruce up a variety of containers like mason jars, old vases and glass bottles with wildflowers. Arrange them on pieces of log for example, to play with different heights.

For the meal, prefer a single long table over small, separate tables.

A rustic atmosphere is an uncomplicated yet elegant style of décor. Simplicity is the watchword here. Create a natural, authentic décor reminiscent of life outdoors for a wedding that is synonymous with restraint and togetherness.

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