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Meffre Traiteur Marseille Montpellier Isle sur la SorgueThe Maison MeffreMeffre Traiteur Marseille Montpellier Isle sur la Sorgue

Our craft as a reception caterer/planner consists of creating alchemy between cuisine, logistics, and service in historic, quirky, refined, or offbeat places. Our expertise and our quality as a caterer are recognized by institutions, companies and privates. We are acting in every tipe of event : congress, séminar, wedding, anniversary…
Caterer in Marseille, Montpellier, l’Isle sur la sorgues, Avignon, Vaucluse, Var, Bouches du Rhône…

Our cuisine

Maison Meffre has a culinary identity all its own; a “Neo-Provençal” style combining modern tastes with traditional Provençal cuisine. Always bright, delicious, and welcoming, our food emphasizes local and seasonal ingredients.

Our table artistry

We use our own dishes and decorations to create any ambience our clients desire: contemporary, authentic, rustic chic…we offer something for every taste and every occasion.

Our service

Our friendly and skilled servers and chefs are at your disposal throughout your event.

Project design

Our advisors are available to you to fulfil your needs, guide you in the development of your project, and customize your event.

Meffre Traiteur Marseille Montpellier Isle sur la SorgueHistoryMeffre Traiteur Marseille Montpellier Isle sur la Sorgue


Since 1968, Meffre Traiteur is greedily guiding the success of professionnals and privates events.

1968 : Guy Meffre creates the Meffre charcuterie at Thor.
1973 : A catering department is launched, with takeaway dishes available from the charcuterie.
1981 : First event organized by Maison Meffre: 500 guests hosted by the Regional Council at Savoillan. Maison Meffre has 15 employees.
1985 : Purchase of a warehouse to store dishes and materials. The company handles its own logistics.
1988 : Beginning of partnership with the master chefs of Languedoc-Roussillon. Recruitment of a chef de cuisine, Claude Lambert.
1989 : Relocation to Isle-sur-Sorgue and our current premises, going from 300 to 2000 m2!
1990 : Development of convention business with referral to the Palais des Congrès of Avignon.
1995 : Opening of offices in Montpellier.
2000 : Opening of offices in Marseille. Nicolas Meffre joins the company.
2001 : Maison Meffre launches an HACCP approach.
2002 : Referral to Parc Chanot in Marseille.
2005 : In partnership with an event-planning company, Meffre catering serves 3000 guests in 3 different places at the same time, at a French automobile manufacturers’ convention.
2006 : Installation of IT traceability tools.
2010 : Partnership with Christian Etienne, starred Avignon chef.
2011 : Great progress in developing PACA institutional activities.
2012 : Partnerships with renowned starred chefs in the region.
2015 : Tour automobile PETER AUTO.
2017 : The celebrities grand prix at Isle sur la Sorgue in conjunction with starred chef Daniel HEBET and Xavier MATHIEU
2018 : Laurent BEZERT takes over Meffre Traiteur. Significant amounts are invested, especially in the Kitchen to prepare the company for its new challenges.

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Meffre Traiteur Marseille Montpellier Isle sur la SorgueMeffre QualityMeffre Traiteur Marseille Montpellier Isle sur la Sorgue

For 45 years we have been committed to offering our clients high-quality services.
Our high standards reach to every part of our service :

Chosen with care, fresh and local, they are the basis of our delicious cuisine.

800 m2 of our 1200 m2 of space is dedicated to kitchen space, with high-performance appliances and trained personnel producing dishes from starters to desserts, in large quantities and with impeccable attention to hygiene regulations and proper refrigeration temperatures.
Maison Meffre catering also uses an HACCP approach, which guarantees traceability and quality.

Our skilled and motivated staff work to ensure quality commercial support (a clear and detailed quote, a single contact person, advice) and impeccable service (respect of specifications, dedicated receiving manager, professional and friendly service team).
Salaried chefs and servers who work to our required standards.

Maison Meffre catering’s commitment to guaranteeing all these things has led us to declare them officially.

Therefore, our company is ETIC.T certified, a label intended to protect the reception planning/catering industry.

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Your quality caterer in Marseille or Aix en Provence, Montpellier, Avignon… For your wedding, your reception, a seminar, a congress… We will meet every type of request demanding a caterer.

Meffre Traiteur Marseille Montpellier Isle sur la SorgueSustainable developmentMeffre Traiteur Marseille Montpellier Isle sur la Sorgue

We have always been involved in local life and in protecting agriculture, and in the last several years we have broadened our commitment to sustainable development.

Every day, and in every department in our company, we are working to reduce our carbon footprint, reduce waste, and prioritize the use of recycled materials.

Using local products is our priority, both to support the development of local agriculture and to benefit from fresh, high-quality products. We work in partnership with Salad2fruits for our standard produce, and with Biogenèse, who supplies us with organic fruits and vegetables of excellent quality.

The photos used are of local producer-partners of Meffre Catering.

Meffre Traiteur Marseille Montpellier Isle sur la SorgueContactMeffre Traiteur Marseille Montpellier Isle sur la Sorgue

400 ch. de la Muscadelle
84800 L’Isle sur la Sorgue
Tel.: +334 90 38 30 30
Fax : +334 90 38 46 91
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2, rue du Beausset
13001 Marseille
Tel.: +334 88 66 17 22
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80 Place Ernest Granier
34000 Montpellier
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